Happy #NationalBlondieDay!

It’s one of our favorite days of the year, #NationalBlondieDay! If you haven’t noticed yet we are kind of obsessed with blondies, well that is probably obvious. Anyway, we want the whole country to join in on this celebration. Enter, White Chocolate Blondies. They were an old fan favorite (before we created the website) so we decided to bring them back! We’re 99.9999% sure that you are going to love them as much as our fans do. They are perfectly fudgy and have a paper thin crust. The flavor is reminiscent of dulce de leche because the cocoa butter, milk, and sugar in white chocolate caramelizes as it bakes slowly. Well, we could go on and on about these delectable pieces of edible paradise (pun totally intended), but we will keep it short and tempt you with a picture. white-chocolate-blondies.jpg

(White Chocolate Blondies)