Snickerdoodles from Heaven Bars

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Snickerdoodles from Heaven, please rain down on us forever and ever! These soft-baked, chewy morsels of perfection will have you reaching to the sky for more. Snickerdoodles are meant to be a simple cookie so we didn't want to mess with the rules. The brown sugar based cookie dough is heavily sprinkled with a Saigon cinnamon & raw sugar mixture. Warning: Devouring these cookies may make you call  your mother and tell her that she doesn't have the best snickerdoodles after all. We cannot be held responsible for what will happen next. So be careful and use caution when eating these cookie bars. ;-) 

Ingredients: Butter, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Whole White Wheat Flour, Organic Brown Eggs, Cinnamon, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Vanilla Extract, Lactose Free Whole Milk, Sea Salt and an immeasurable amount of love.

These 12 bars will arrive individually wrapped and sealed.  

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3 Reviews

Randel Jul 30th 2016

Delicious Dessert

I have always liked snickerdoodle cookies, so I decided to order a batch of these bars and I must say that they were greater than the cookies I've eaten in the past. I love the thickness and enjoy the softness as they melted in my mouth. I do highly recommend anyone who likes the snicker flavor order for yourself or for social gathering.

Robyn Mar 16th 2016

Mouth watering Snickerdoodle bars!!

I can not say enough about this delicious treat! I bought a batch a few weeks ago wanting to try something sweet but healthy. It is rare to find treats that are healthy but yummy! Well my friends this is one of those exceptions! They were so good I took them to work to share with my co-workers. Let me just say they were an immediate hit, with everyone wanting to have one with their morning coffee! These are a must try!!

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